Civilian courses such as, CHL, Security Level 3 & 4, Protector Handgun, Shotgun Operator, Tactical Skills Enhancement

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Law Enforcement

Defensive Handgun, Protective Operations, Explosive Breaching, Mechanical Breaching, Intro to IEDs.

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Self Defense

Martial Arts Self Defense, Defensive Tactics, Take Downs, American Kenpo, Jujitsu, and loads of one on one training

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Upcoming Courses

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About Us

Strategic Weapons Academy's team of professional instructors are nationally and internationally recognized subject matter experts. Over the years our staff has trained thousands of students around the globe. Having served in and still serving in all aspects of government and public service. Our staff not only brings experience, but a first hand knowledge of what it’s like to actually operate in highly dynamic environments. With this first hand operational knowledge we our confident that our staff will meet all of your training needs..


Owner/ Head Instructor

Tim Bulot is a former Law Enforcement Officer with a career spanning some 29 years, to include 8 years overseas duty with the Department of State. Tim has served as a Deputy Program Director of operations in a high risk country for 7 years, and was highly decorated for his activities by that government. His Law Enforcement activities have led to many instructor certifications in weapons and tactics training, and offers a variety of training and instructional programs. Combined with his real world experience, Tim remains busy teaching and consulting on security matters internationally. As a life long Martial Artists, Tim continues to instruct private classes in personal defense and martial arts. In 1999, Tim opened the Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas, which continues to offer fine training to this day. In addition to our scheduled training courses, we offer tailored training to your department or agency. Our staff will work with you to develop a course that meets your requirements including budget and time constraints. In addition, most courses offered and developed can be mobilized. Strategic Weapons Academy can deliver a full compliment of staff and training materials to your department or agency's location to better facilitate your mission requirements..


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