Close in Shooting, Retention, Disarms & Counter Strikes, July 13, 2024

Saturday, Jul 13, 2024

10:00am – 5:00pm

Close in Shooting, Retention and Disarms 1st Progression

Tim Bulot has over 40 years’ experience in the Martial Arts and over 35 years in Law Enforcement!  In this class we link this lifetime knowledge together to bring you this exciting event!

Close encounters, fighting to retain your weapon from an aggressive assailant,  fight to disarm that assailant and re-take your weapon should he gain control, utilize your weapon as an effective striking instrument and fire in extreme close ranges!  The reasons exist, too many to go into now, to have these skills!

In this DYNAMIC class you will be taught to combine the most effective striking and survival fighting techniques to win on the street should the situation arise.  We see on the news every day citizens being dragged from their vehicles, attacked in close quarters and assaulted on the streets and in their homes.  If you carry, you cannot afford that your weapons become your attacker’s weapons.  In this class we will teach you concepts, theory and principles along with the natural defenses and weapons, striking points and techniques to prepare you for and hopefully avoid such situations.

This is an aggressive course, involves physical moves and techniques combined with shooting skills.  It is a low ammo count course focusing more on physical skills.  Your weapon will be made inert with a harmless barrel insertion device and further we will provide training weapons for some of the drills.

You will need your Every Day Carry gear, or you Range Gear, Handgun, 3 Magazines, 75 rounds ammo (if you don’t have ammo you can run this course dry fire) Eye and Ear Protection and Food/Water for the day.  You may bring your personal training weapon.  We will provide striking shields and bags.

Pistol rental available $25.00

Registration Deadline :  2 weeks before date of course

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Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas HQ
1045 Cutoff Rd
Ennis, Texas, 75119

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$ 149.00

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