Tactical Shotgun

Saturday, Jun 29, 2024

10:00am – 5:00pm

Tactical Shotgun

The Tactical Shotgun is a very under rated defensive weapon.  We will change your impression during this course as you will become an effective operator of this fine weapon.  This training event is designed for pump action tactical style shotguns however you may use a semi auto if desired, the drills are easily tailored for that platform.

This course includes lessons on patterning your shotgun, long range effectiveness, managing recoil and building confidence, rapid slide manipulation, loading and up staging ammo, disabled/disadvantage manipulation and numerous dynamic range drills.


  • Tactical Style Shotgun, pump or semi-auto
  • Tac Sling Recommended but not mandatory
  • Mag Pouches, Shell Carrier Pouch or similar for carrying shotgun ammo
  • Optional Tac Vest, Chest Rig, or other gear, if you desire to use it
  • Pistol and Pistol Belt Rig
  • 3 Pistol Magazines
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • 250 Rounds Shotgun Ammunition #8, or #7 1/2 or Similar Training Ammo
  • 10 Rounds 00Buck
  • 10 Rounds Slug
  • If Buck and Slug not available just bring more birdshot.
  • 50 Rounds Pistol Ammo
  • Food/Water for the day

Class Starts 10:00!  Class length is 6 – 8 hours!


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Event Location

Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas HQ
1045 Cutoff Rd
Ennis, Texas, 75119

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$ 155.00

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