SWAT Certification Course

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023
– Saturday, Mar 4, 2023

9:00am – 9:00pm





Instructor:  Tim Bulot

At Weaponacademy our SWAT Certification Course is not just another check the box course, our goal is to train and prepare Officers for real world high risk situations. This course exceeds requirements and is considered by many to be the most comprehensive package available at this price point.  Many SWAT courses offer no live fire weapons training. We understand that your agency may not have the time or the capacity to conduct specialized weapons training so with this in mind our course includes an intense but very safe weapons training package.   Weaponsacademy has the facility and instructors to conduct live fire room entry.  This training module is in turn followed by a comprehensive live fire interior movement and room combat SWAT team training module conducted in our ballistic shoot house.  The module concludes with student’s executing numerous types of simulated operations against barricaded subjects, wanted persons, high risk welfare checks, hostage rescues, active shooters and terrorist situations.  All of these scenarios could easily unfold in our communities.

As a LEO of over 30 years now and having spent almost a third of those years overseas, I believe in the “overskilled” approach in training personnel beyond a level in which we all hope to never go there.  I am still current and active and everything I teach is based on personal encounters and experiences.  Send your personnel to Weaponsacademy for training and I promise to give them my very best in preparing them for the dangers we face while maintaining the highest professional standard.

This course does not contain physical training however it is very demanding due to the intense nature of training in full gear and moving about the facility for the many different drills and exercises.


  • Tactical Terminology
  • Equipment Orientation
  • Assault Process
  • Operational Planning/Operations Order
  • Command and Control
  • Emergency Medical Actions
  • Arrest and Control
  • Room Entry Tactics
  • Small Unit Movement
  • Diversionary Devices
  • Less Lethal Options
  • Use of Gas Mask
  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • Mechanical Breaching
  • Movement to Contact/Contact Drills
  • Vehicle Assaults
  • The Police Sharpshooter
  • Numerous Live Fire Exercises, Rifle/Sub Gun/Pistol
  • Low Light/Night Vision Equipment
  • Much More………….


  • Duty Pistol/Rifle
  • 3 Magazines for Each Weapon
  • 400 Rounds Rifle (no green tip)
  • 300 Rounds Pistol
  • Tactical Ballistic Vest with Mag Pouches
  • Drop Leg Holster
  • Helmet
  • Gas Mask
  • Knee/Elbow Pads  (optional)
  • Eye/Ear Protection
  • Food/Water for Long Range Days
  • Any Additional Issued Gear
  • We have Loaner Gear! Call if you are missing something on the list.

Event Category

Law Enforcement

Event Location

Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas HQ
1045 Cutoff Rd
Ennis, Texas, 75119

Event Fees

$ 649.00

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