About Us

Weapons Academy has a worldwide reputation in the tactical training industry for law enforcement, military and security teams. Weapons Academy is an extremely fast growing training center preparing professionals today for tomorrow’s challenges. We believe in realistic hands on skill building courses ranging from beginner to expert with emphasis on safety. Because of our years of experience we are confident that we can support your individual or agency needs. Whether it be customized courses, mobile training teams, equipment or the utilization of our facility for your own training, we are here to support you.




Tim Bulot is a former Law Enforcement Officer with a career spanning some 29 years, to include 8 years overseas duty with the Department of State. Tim has served as a Deputy Program Director of operations in a high risk country for 7 years, and was highly decorated for his activities by that government. His Law Enforcement activities have led to many instructor certifications in weapons and tactics training, and offers a variety of training and instructional programs. Combined with his real world experience, Tim remains busy teaching and consulting on security matters internationally. As a life long Martial Artists, Tim continues to instruct private classes in personal defense and martial arts. In 1999, Tim opened the Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas, which continues to offer fine training to this day. In addition to our scheduled training courses, we offer tailored training to your department or agency. Our staff will work with you to develop a course that meets your requirements including budget and time constraints. In addition, most courses offered and developed can be mobilized. Strategic Weapons Academy can deliver a full complement of staff and training materials to your department or agency’s location to better facilitate your mission requirements.

Tim designs and approves all training programs taught at  SWAT, based on “real world” experience.




  • Lt. Colonel, Colombian National Police (Retired)
  • Former Director, Anti-Kidnapping Academy, Colombia
  • Former Director, Kidnap Prevention Program, Colombia
  • U. S. State Dept., Firearms Instructor
  • U. S. State Dept., Instructor
  • U. S. State Dept., Cyber Crimes
  • Numerous Leadership Training Courses
  • Instructs all Courses at Weapons Academy



  • Instructor for Weaponsacademy.com since 2001,USA and Colombia
  • Law Enforcement and Private Security
  • Active PPO, Security Operator
  • Level 3 and 4 Instructor, DPS PSB
  • Handcuffing Instructor
  • Baton Instructor
  • OC Spray Instructor
  • Multiple Black Belts, 6th Degree Kenpo
  • Owner, Ellis County Martial Arts



  • Instructor for Weaponsacademy.com
  • Private Security Operations
  • Active Personal Protection Officer
  • DPS Licenses Level 3 and Level 4.
  • NRA Firearms Instructor and a Texas Department of Public Safety Certified License to Carry Instructor
  • Extensive CQB and Firearms Training
  • Experience Corporate Tactical Response Team