Special Operations Protector Mindset

Saturday, Sep 17, 2022

9:00am – 5:00pm

Special Operations Protector Mindset

Led by 20-Year Army Tier 1 Unit Veteran Kyle Morgan
Sat-Sun | Sept 17-18
$600 Per Student ($500 for LE)
30 Students Max

The Special Operations Protector Mindset course was designed to test students’ ability
to make critical decisions under different types of stress and cultivate the confidence
to apply lethal intervention during an active shooter situation. Students will leave this
course with purpose, clarity, confidence and the tools to stop active shooters.

The environment and objectives will be realistic and based on my experience working in
the most elite unit of the US Army where we focused primarily on hostage rescue.
Students will learn leading edge tactics used today by Tier 1 teams to search and clear
a structure mitigating complex deadly force encounters. You will learn how to identify
what type of environment you’re in that will assist in your decision-making when
choosing a tactic/tool to apply. You will also begin to understand when to change
tempo and tactics as the situation changes or evolves. Students will receive detailed
course instruction, demonstrations, practical real-life force-on-force scenarios and
immediate diagnostic feedback to increase operational capabilities. Day-2 will take
place in local movie theater & restaurant venue to simulate a real-world experience.

Kyle Morgan has served in the US Army for the past 20 years on the frontlines of every
American kinetic conflict since 9/11. Starting as an infantryman in Iraq in 2003, then as a
Special Forces Green Beret, and for the last 11 years as a Special Operator within the
Army’s 1st SFOD-D Combat Applications Group where he led and managed elite teams
that specialize in hostage rescue.
During his time in CAG, one of the most challenging days was reacting to an Al Qaeda
attack at the Blu Radisson Hotel while serving as liaison to the US Embassy in Bamako, Mali
where hundreds of innocent civilians were being held hostage and ultimately claimed the
lives of twenty-three people including one American citizen. Kyle responded to the
situation alone and eliminated the threats going floor by floor while pulling out hostages
with no backup.
Kyle retired from the Unit this year and now runs his training company Blu Bearing Solutions
that is focused on “Protector” mindset and firearms instruction, designed for law
enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens, teaching students active shooter & crisis
response tactics being used on the battlefield today by one of the most elite fighting
forces in the world.


Plate Carrier w/Ballistic Plates
Ability to Retain 2x Rifle Mags
Semi-automatic Carbine w/Sling & Gun Light3x Rifle Mags
Helmet (Ballistic or Bump)
Shooting gloves (Optional)
Eye Protection (Impact Resistant)
Hearing Protection (Electronic Preferred)
Duty/Tactical Belt
Pistol Holster (Active Retention Highly Recommended)
2x Magazine pouches
Individual Trauma Kit (Tourniquet/Pressure Dressing/Chest Seal/Gauze)
Semi-automatic pistol – Full size or Compact pistols w/Gun light
3x Pistol Mags (Minimum)
Over the Ankle Footwear
Duty/Tactical Uniform/Clothing (Pants must have belt loops)
Food/Water (Check Timeline)

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LOCATION: (Day-1) 1045 Cut-Off Rd, Ennis, TX 75119 | (Day-2) Local Movie Theater

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Strategic Weapons Academy of Texas HQ
1045 Cutoff Rd
Ennis, Texas, 75119

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$ 600.00

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