Protective Operations for Law Enforcement Course

October 3, 2018 – October 4, 2018 all-day
1045 Cut-Off Rd
Ennis, TX 75119

Protective Operations for Law Enforcement #3105

COST $169.oo.

This course is two 10 hour days. It is a demanding course loaded with information, range exercises and dynamic drills. Students should be of the physical ability to withstand two days of constant movement. Day one will conclude with a Night Lab exercise. Your duty weapon is required however, if you are certified with the Patrol Rifle, you may use this weapons for some of the exercises. You will need 500 rounds pistol or 300 rounds pistol and 200 rounds rifle along with extra magazines and mag pouches. We will also be drawing from concealment therefore a concealment holster and jacket/vest are required.



– Concepts, Theory and Principles of High Risk Protection
– Equipment for Travel, Vehicles and Personal Gear
– Live Fire Pistol/Rifle Drills Relevant to Protective Operations
– Selection and Professionalism of Detail Members
– Rolls and Responsibilities of Detail Members
– Advance Security Survey and Threat Assessment
– Foot Movement/Formations
– Threat Recognition and Indications
– Static Vehicle Shooting Drills Live Fire
– Immediate action Drills, Ambush Situations, Dynamic Live Fire
– Motorcade Procedures
– Vehicle Arrival and Departure Drills

*With over 30 years in Law Enforcement plus 8 years full time working over seas in the tactical field, you wont find a more experienced instructor offering a course such as this one for only $169.00!! This course easily beats out other courses costing 3 – 4 times more!

Students will receive 20 hours TCOLE credit through Navarro College Police Academy.

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