Patrol Rifle Instructor Course #3323, May 15-16 /2019

May 15, 2019 @ 9:00 am – May 16, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
1045 cutoff Rd ennis Texas 75119
Patrol Rifle Instructor Course #3323, May 15-16 /2019

Patrol Rifle Instructor Course #3323

Only $ 189.00

The Patrol Rifle Instructor Course is open to Certified Peace Officers who have completed the 2222 TCOLE Firearms Instructor Course and the 3322 Patrol Rifle Course.  TCOLE reporting in cooperation with Navarro College Police Academy.
The Patrol Rifle Instructor Course goes into detail above what is taught in our 3322 course, focusing on instructors who will be responsible for certifying, qualifying and conducting in-service training for Officers that carry the Patrol Rifle on duty.  The course is 2 days, 24 hours.
Day One:  Begins with a theory session followed by range training.  We will fire all of the drills taught in the basic course, plus intermediate and advanced drills for instructor level training.  We will detail strip, inspect and clean the AR15 understanding what needs to be checked and maintained during regular inspection.
Day Two:  Focused on delivering the program, you will conducted a carefully critiqued demonstration, teach back and a written exam.  Further a Qualification Course of fire out to 100 yards is required for successful completion and certification.
Both days are long, fast paced and intense.  Upon registration you will be provided with a list of drills to practice as well as the qualification course of fire.
Patrol Rifle
3 Magazines
Mag Pouches, Tac Vest, Chest Rig or Shoulder Rig.  (as your Officers are equipped)
Weapon Mounted Light
Tactical Sling — 1, 2 or 3 point.
Duty Pistol
Pistol Duty Belt
3 Pistol Magazines
Cleaning Kit for Your Weapons
Food/Water for 2 Long Range Days (we eat at the range)
Eye and Ear Protection
700 Rounds Rifle Ammunition (no steel core ammo)
150 Rounds Pistol Ammo
Class Starts 0900!
Only $ 189.00

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