Defensive Pistol for Teachers/Faculty

April 7, 2018 all-day
1045 Cut-Off Rd
Ennis, TX 75119


This FREE session is open to any ISD Teacher or facility member.  At Weapons Academy we are offering an opportunity to receive a full day of pistol training plus Active Shooter Protocol and Emergency Medical Actions.  You will also receive an in-depth look at the AK47, AR15 and 12GA Shotgun, learn what they are capable of and what they are not capable of.   We will train you just as we train any other specialized group at our facility.  Why am I doing this? Because I care!  Because we all have kids in your schools and classes.  I have no idea how any of this will play out, nor do I want to get into the politics of it.  I want to share a bit of what I’ve learned over the past 30 years and at the least you will be knowledgeable of firearms and receive some proper mindset training.  You may even enjoy the art of Tactical Shooting!  If carry allowances are ever established you will be ahead of the game.  You will spend the day with seasoned Law Enforcement Officers and Veterans, those that have experience dealing with situations.


Introduction:  All students, Staff and Instructors.  Opening comments from Sheriff Chuck Edge

Active Shooter Protocol:  Curtis Kalio, Red Oak ISD,  Irving PD (ret)

Emergency Medical Actions:  Terry Green, USN Corpman (ret)

Ballistics Lab:  You will learn about the AK47, AR15 and 12GA Shotgun, what they can and cannot do!  Includes a live fire demonstration!

Defensive Pistol 1st Progression:  Tim Bulot and Instructor Staff will teach a series of pistol techniques from beginning essentials through various live fire techniques.

This training goes way beyond what is taught in a LTC Course!


We can help you with equipment.  We have plenty of loaner pistols and holsters.   Of course I recommend you train on your own handgun.  You will need to supply 250 rounds of ammunition.  Other than that, this will cost you nothing but your time.


A minimum if 12 is required.  Maximum allowed is 24.  I will be lead instructor assisted by my Wife Milena  Other local Sheriff/Police Officers will be also present to assist.  You will be receiving training from those that go into harms way every day.

Please respond to if interested.



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