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Mechanical, Thermal, Power Tool & Ballistic Breaching Course
Mar 13 – Mar 15 all-day
Mechanical, Thermal, Power Tool & Ballistic Breaching Course

Mechanical, Thermal, Power Tool & Ballistic Breaching Course

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Duration: 3 days
Cost: $875
Students: 20 Maximum
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military or Government Agencies

The aim of this 3 day course is to introduce the student to operationally proven drills and procedures that pertain to the use of mechanical, ballistic, thermal, and cutting means in order to effectively breach doors, windows and soft wall targets.

On the successful completion of this course, the student will possess the necessary skills to accurately perform a target analysis and select the most suitable tool to gain access into the stronghold.

Course content includes:

  • History and theory of non-explosive methods of entry
  • Mechanical breaching of pull and push doors
  • Mechanical breaching of windows
  • Defeating barricaded doors
  • Negotiating and defeating fences and obstacles
  • Ballistic breaching
  • Thermal breaching (BROCO and Osen Hunter torches)
  • Quickie saw and chainsaw breaching
  • All tactics to include approach, negotiating obstacles, and actions at the breach point
  • Scenario based training

Equipment Requirements:

  • Range training uniform (long sleeve)
  • Nomex gloves
  • Body armor with Molle attachments (no armor plates)
  • Tactical belt
  • Ear protection
  • Eye Protection: Clear lens safety wrap-around style glasses
  • Helmet
  • Weapon (rifle or pistol – no ammo, blue gun is acceptable)

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Mar 18 – Mar 22 all-day


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Duration: 5 days
Cost: $1450
Students: 8 Min – 24 Max
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military or Government Agencies

The aim of this 5 day course is to introduce the student to time tested and operationally proven drills and procedures in order to establish or further enhance an existing explosive breaching program within their unit or department.

This course has been designed for non EOD Technicians who have little to no experience in the recognition and safe handling of explosive compounds. Day one will be devoted to the theory and handling of explosives with days two-five focusing on explosive breaching techniques.

Course content includes:

  • Explosive storage and transportation regulations ATF -DOT
  • Theory of explosives and explosions
  • Explosive safety
  • Explosive accessories
  • Recognition of low and high explosive compounds
  • Preparation and firing of charges using non-electric fuse and shock tube initiated blasting caps
  • Misfired charge procedures
  • History and theory of explosive breaching
  • Critical safety issues – calculating net explosive weight, safe stacking distance, and internal overpressure
  • Breaching report documentation
  • Breaching wood and metal doors
  • Breaching windows
  • Defeating barricaded doors
  • Introduction to internal door charges
  • Introduction to charge placement drills
  • Reacting to a misfired charge
  • Multiple breach points
  • Developing standard operating procedures
  • Target analysis
  • Breacher’s brief back format
  • Breacher’s operational data aide memoir
  • Cover port breaching on dry walls

On successful completion of this course, the student will possess the necessary skills to safely and confidently employ explosive breaching charges in support of special operation missions.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Ear protection
  • Eye Protection: Clear lens safety wrap-around style glasses
  • Range training uniform (long sleeve)
  • Nomex gloves (recommended)
  • Ballistic protection – soft armor or plate carrier with plates
  • Helmet
  • Handgun or carbine (no ammo, blue gun is acceptable)
  • Flash Drive up to 8GB (course breach reports, photos, videos and SOPs)

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High Risk Patrol Tactics Course, March 25 -26
Mar 25 – Mar 26 all-day

High Risk Patrol Tactics –



COST $189.oo 


Officers are being ambushed at an increasing rate while responding to routine calls. The time is now upon us , ALL Officers who respond to Calls for Service MUST be tactically trained. The HIGH RISK PATROL TACTICS Course is our newest course designed just for this reason. I’ve compiled the best of my 30 plus years into this 20 hour course with the intention of teaching the Officer as much tactical information possible over two days. These are not watered down active shooter only tactics based around a single situation. The tactics taught in this course apply to any and ALL situations Officers face, rural or urban environments. At $189.00 you will not find a better package taught by a more experienced instructor. Some of the topics taught include:

  • How to Properly Set Up a Plate Carrier
  • Understanding Categories of Attack
  • Important Survival Considerations
  • Aspects of Stress Response
  • Close Range Encounters, Live Fire with Pistol and Rifle
  • Firing from Disabled and Disadvantage Positions
  • Individual and Small Team Movement (1-3 Officers)
  • Exterior Movement, Vehicle to Hard Cover
  • Exterior Movement, Hard cover to Vehicle
  • Interior Movement, Live Fire Shoot House, 1, 2 and 3 man Tactics
  • Vehicle Hard Points, Long Range Encounters
  • The Approach and Contact Phases of the CFS
  • Vehicle Approach on High Risk Calls
  • Vehicle and Officer Down Scenarios
  • Equipment and Vehicle Usage
  • Training/Working in Daylight and in Darkness

Much More……

I have always taught and to this day believe it is on the individual Officer to see to it that they have the best training possible. Most Departments are overwhelmed and burdened with scheduling and providing the many mandated course required these days. NONE of these have anything to do with Officer survival. It is for this reason that I keep my price VERY REASONABLY and anyone who has taken one of my course will tell you that I give you my 100%, every course I teach! You will work hard in this class any you will leave with fresh knowledge and more familiar with tactics that you will be able to employ on your very next shift, should the need arise. We all want to go home every day to our families I have committed myself to training as many Officers as possible so that we all go home!


  • (Optional)  Plate carrier/Swat gear/Chest rig
  • Duty belt and holster
  • Duty pistol, 3 magazines, 400 rounds
  • Duty Rifle, 3 magazines, 400 rounds
  • Weapon mountable lights
  • Handheld light
  • Mag pouches for rifle/pistol
  • Tac sling for rifle
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Food and water for long range days
  • Duty ballistic vest (if not using plate carrier)

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Patrol Rifle Instructor Course #3323, May 15-16 /2019
May 15 @ 9:00 am – May 16 @ 6:00 pm
Patrol Rifle Instructor Course #3323, May 15-16 /2019

Patrol Rifle Instructor Course #3323

Only $ 189.00

The Patrol Rifle Instructor Course is open to Certified Peace Officers who have completed the 2222 TCOLE Firearms Instructor Course and the 3322 Patrol Rifle Course.  TCOLE reporting in cooperation with Navarro College Police Academy.
The Patrol Rifle Instructor Course goes into detail above what is taught in our 3322 course, focusing on instructors who will be responsible for certifying, qualifying and conducting in-service training for Officers that carry the Patrol Rifle on duty.  The course is 2 days, 24 hours.
Day One:  Begins with a theory session followed by range training.  We will fire all of the drills taught in the basic course, plus intermediate and advanced drills for instructor level training.  We will detail strip, inspect and clean the AR15 understanding what needs to be checked and maintained during regular inspection.
Day Two:  Focused on delivering the program, you will conducted a carefully critiqued demonstration, teach back and a written exam.  Further a Qualification Course of fire out to 100 yards is required for successful completion and certification.
Both days are long, fast paced and intense.  Upon registration you will be provided with a list of drills to practice as well as the qualification course of fire.
Patrol Rifle
3 Magazines
Mag Pouches, Tac Vest, Chest Rig or Shoulder Rig.  (as your Officers are equipped)
Weapon Mounted Light
Tactical Sling — 1, 2 or 3 point.
Duty Pistol
Pistol Duty Belt
3 Pistol Magazines
Cleaning Kit for Your Weapons
Food/Water for 2 Long Range Days (we eat at the range)
Eye and Ear Protection
700 Rounds Rifle Ammunition (no steel core ammo)
150 Rounds Pistol Ammo
Class Starts 0900!
Only $ 189.00

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